Fonts and formatting that can ruin your resume?!

In the modern era, a resume can decide whether or not you will get a job. There are plenty of people that are, despite having qualification and experience, unable to acquire a working position. The reason is that there are problems with their resume. Most of the people are unaware that the issue lies in their CV. Instead of paying attention to how they are presenting themselves in front of employers, they start doubting their skills. One of the biggest mistakes that amateur makes while writing a resume is the selection of improper fonts. In this article, we will take a look at font errors that you can potentially make and how to overcome them.

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What are different font errors?

There is a diverse range of errors that we can make in concern with the fonts. These include:

Font size: Font size plays an important role in a CV. The employers do not like to have resumes that are difficult to read. If the fonts are too small, it will become hard for the person to read it properly. It will create a negative impact on the reader and ultimately, decrease the chances that you will reach the interview. If this is the error with your font, it is likely that the employer will not even read the resume completely and will close it.

Font Style: The second mistake most of the people make in concern with the fonts is that they choose the wrong style. In an attempt to stylize their resume, they prefer the fonts that are inappropriate. The fancy and gimmicky styles may look great when it comes to design but at the same time, reading the information can become hard with such fonts. And while it becomes tough for the manager to figure out what you have written, it is no surprise that your resume will not get the desired attention.

Varying fonts: When you are writing a CV, you vary fonts. It is to let the employer differentiate between the heading, subheadings, and actual content. However, certain people start changing the font size in a single line or paragraph. People mostly do it when they are trying to highlight a particular point. It is not the best approach, and it may annoy the reader.

How to overcome the errors?

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So, once you are aware of the different errors that you can make in concern with the font, you will wish to eliminate them from your resume. Here is how to do it:

Consistent fonts: First of all, pick about one or two font styles and sizes. Then use them throughout your CV. For example, you may like a 26 point Times New Roman heading with an 18 point Calibri Light for subheading and write the actual content in 14 point Calibri body. Ensure that you have a single approach throughout the writing piece.

Simple styles: When you talk about styles, keep them simple. Do not go for the gimmicky and fancy styles that may make content difficult to read. Remember one thing; simplicity will lead to elegance in your writing.

Highlighting: Highlighting is crucial in any resume. First of all, make proper use of headers and write information in paragraphs. In order to make something stand out, you can use bold or italic style. Moreover, writing in bullet points can help in easy scanning of information.

So, these are some tips for you to craft a good resume. It is always good to hire professionals if you come across any such situation. It is because the experts know about the critical points and ensure that the resume is covering everything appropriately to maximize the chances of getting interview for you.

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