College Degrees Online: Questions You Should Ask.

Are you contemplating going for an online degree? A great many people at different points of their lives are opting for the opportunity to complete their education by utilizing one of many degree programs offered online. Actually the choices available for online education is growing exponentially every year,which is perfect for anyone seeking a pathway to complete the education required via the flexibility of online degree program.

You have to keep in mind and be aware that there are many inferior, high priced and sometimes bogus degree programs being offered on the internet. You also have to take into consideration if taking a degree program online is actually the right decision to make. Ask yourself the following questions, and after giving it proper thought you should be able to arrive at the right conclusion as to whether pursuing education online is for you. These five questions should help guide you on your way to having a pleasant and productive online education experience.


A) Is the program that I am considering legitimate?

With the understanding that the internet is an infested breeding ground for scams, you have to beware of what is called Degree Mills. Beware of any so called institution that offers you any type of degree with little or no work required on your part. Remember this, “There Is No Free Lunch!” As appealing as this may be to most people, there is nothing you that you will able to do in life with a degree such as this. In order for your potential degree to be accepted by employers, it must come from an institution of learning that has accreditation with certain organizations, be it the US  Dept of Education, State Regents Board or an accepted regional accreditation organization.


The best thing to do is to not take anyone’s word of accreditation, but to check them out with the The State department of education from which they are located to see if their credentials are in order.


B) Do employers recognize the online degree program that I am considering?


Most employers have been very leery of online degrees, but as of lately many recognized institutions have started offering online education. That being said, employers are more apt to accept these degrees, when they would never have in the past.


C) Am I considering a quality online program?

Even if the online program is legitimate, it does not mean that the curriculum is a good one. It all can depend on numerous reasons why some programs are better organized than other. For instance, is it easy to navigate the website where you will be doing your course work? The manner in which the course material is organized and available. The best way to find these things out are to ask speak to alumni who have experienced it already and pick their brains. Also ask them about their success in applying their online degrees in the workforce. Search the internet for articles relating the the institution that you are considering and find corresponding forums for answers.

Last but not least, when considering a particular online program, check with your employer on how they feel about it. There may be other programs that they prefer you consider. Who knows they may even pay for part or all of your education expense.

D) Is the program priced correctly?

Make sure that the online program that you are considering is not over priced for what is being offered. You should be able to find all this out on their websites. Make sure you inquire how much per credit hour and all other extras fees that may be offered. Also ask about what scholarships and financial aid is offered.

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